Panama City Beach data sheet: where morals go to die

Spring break has become a rite of passage for college aged males who grew up on TRL (Total Request Live, a show that used to air on MTV). The show … Continue Reading →


The one thing guaranteed to ruin your life

We all fuck up. Some do it more often than others, and I’ll be the first to admit that I am constantly failing in various aspects of my life. Failure … Continue Reading →

Bikini Boat

Annapolis data sheet: the best of Maryland’s capital

Annapolis is a beautiful town with some of the top restaurants in the mid-Atlantic. Unlike most areas with great eateries, don’t expect many girls under the age of 25 out … Continue Reading →

Yoga Girls

Why you need to be doing yoga yesterday

I admit that I was never a believer in the mysterious powers of yoga as claimed by my hot female friends (just kidding I don’t have female friends), athletes who … Continue Reading →

Bear Asleep

How to increase productivity, avoid sickness, and keep fit on limited sleep

 I love my job. I spend my time with some of America’s most alpha males, the majority of whom are genuinely good dudes. They’re my best friends in a world … Continue Reading →